Online classes are a good alternative to live!

Our online course has been great for people who have full-time work schedules or just want to complete a course in the comfort of their own home!  The course expires in 6 months so be sure to sign up for it when you will have the time to complete it!  We have found those who complete the online course within three to four months do much better on their state exam the first try!  Doug Dickmann our Director of the Tucker School is always available to help answer questions and elaborate further on any of the topics in our course.  The course also offers our compu-cram which will prepare you even more for the state test once you have completed the 90 hours!  This is only included with our online course!  Check out more information about our Compu-cram HERE!  Our goal is to make sure all our students pass the state exam and have a good experience!