The Tucker School blog provides information about getting your real estate license in Indiana.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you licensed in another state needing an IN license?

Are you an agent in another state needing to study for the Indiana License Law portion of our state exam? Just go to our Resources tab and Class Materials page then scroll down to the License Reciprocity” info to see what steps you need to take! You can download for FREE our “License Law Outline” and “License Law Quiz” listed in our Class Materials! We also offer an amazing online state exam prep for the state portion only of the state exam for $52!

You will need to get a “letter of good standing” from your current professional licensing agency. If you are unsure if your state has reciprocity with Indiana, be sure to call the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency at 317-234-3022.


PSI Opening More Locations Soon!

We have just learned that PSI is going to be opening up more locations, particularly the Ivy Tech schools where many people have to take their state exam. Due to the pandemic many of the locations are either closed or at half capacity. We are hoping that in July, more locations and seats will open up so please keep calling and trying to schedule your test! You can go online at or call 1-800-733-9267.

If you continue to have issues or can’t get a hold of anyone, you can also reach out to the IPLA at 317-234-3009 and let them know you are having trouble scheduling your Real Estate state exam!

The Tucker School wishes you much luck and success in your new career!

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Live Classes Starting Despite COVID!

We are so excited that the Tucker School of Real Estate is able to have live classes now in June and July! We are at half capacity but things are going great in the classroom and students feel very safe and happy to get out of the house! Our classroom is equipped with wipes, hand sanitizer and each student gets their own table. We are hoping that in July we can have even more students per class, but our students health and safety is our top priority!

The school will offer some “Virtual” live classes on your computer at home as well coming up July 20th, Sept. 8th and Oct. 26th. This is where you will need to be on your computer during certain times of the day for live instruction. We have just completed our first virtual class on June 11th and it was a huge success! You can see all the dates on our “Schedule of Classes” page HERE!


New State Testing Site!

As of 7-22-19 the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency will no longer be using Pearson VUE for their Real Estate State Exam test provider. We will now be using PSI! We are excited for more locations and lower fee of $53 to take the test! You can find information or sign up for the state exam at or 800-733-9267.


90 Hour Online Course Information!

Our online course gives you everything you will need to prepare for the state exam!  Included in the 90 hour online course is our compu-cram which you will complete after you are finished with your course.  It will help you get prepared for the state exam and act as a refresher for the course.  Check out some information about compu-cram here .

You have access to our instructors as well if you have questions about as you go along.  They want to see you succeed!  If you have any technical issues, Hondros (our partner) is ready and willing to help you at any time!  We thank you for considering the Tucker School for your pre-licensing and all your real estate education needs!



We are excited to be moving our location from the Castleton area to 9247 N. Meridian Street, Ste. 215-Indianapolis, In  46260 starting in January of 2018!  We will now be right next door to our administrative office.  Come in any time to sign up for a class or call for an appointment at 317-574-5580.


Online classes are a good alternative to live!

Our online course has been great for people who have full-time work schedules or just want to complete a course in the comfort of their own home!  The course expires in 6 months so be sure to sign up for it when you will have the time to complete it!  We have found those who complete the online course within three to four months do much better on their state exam the first try!  Doug Dickmann our Director of the Tucker School is always available to help answer questions and elaborate further on any of the topics in our course.  The course also offers our compu-cram which will prepare you even more for the state test once you have completed the 90 hours!  This is only included with our online course!  Check out more information about our Compu-cram HERE!  Our goal is to make sure all our students pass the state exam and have a good experience!


Continuing Education on the Go Coming Soon!

We are so excited to have several live two hour CE classes coming to our Agent Development Center at F.C. Tucker Co. at 9279 N. Meridian St.  All agents have until June 30, 2017 to get 12 hours of CE.   Our classes will start in November so stay tuned and sign up!  Call 317-472-2987 for more information or email!