Can I come in to register or ask questions?

Please call or text us at 317-472-2987 and talk with Amanda Strattman who can answer any questions you may have over the phone.  You can also call to make an appointment if you need to come in so we are sure someone is here to help you! Or you can email us at  We would prefer you use our homepage to sign up for classes with a credit or debit card.  You are then able to come into our admin office at 9279 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN  46260 and pick up your book or materials for the live or virtual classes (there is no text book for online).  (Our admin. building is right next door to the location of our classroom).  There will be specified times for you to come pick up your materials for the virtual class.  Once you register you will receive instructions in your confirmation email!  

How much is the 90 hour pre-licensing class?  

Our course, no matter what format you take it in, is $599.00. We do not have any type of payment plans. Live classes fill up quickly and it’s first come first serve.

Are there discounts for Military or First Responders or other individuals?

Yes! We want to show our appreciation to those who serve our communities by offering a 50% discount for the 90 hour pre-licensing broker course to all active + former military, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, select medical professionals, and certain educators! You will need to submit proof of enrollment/employment, which can be done using this online request form, or by emailing Once we confirm you are eligible we will send you your discount code. Please give us a call at 317-472-2987 for more information or with questions!!

What happens if I have to miss a class?

You are allowed to miss no more than 20% of the sessions of a live or virtual class. If you miss more than the allowed amount (set by the state), you will need to retake the class at the retake fee of $299.50.

What is the difference between an agent, realtor and broker?

Your first step is to get your “brokers” license.  You become a real estate agent/broker as soon as you pass the state exam then apply for your license with the IPLA.  You then become a REALTOR® when you join your local board.  You can get more information on “becoming a real estate agent” HERE.  

Will I be able to work on my own if I have this license?

All real estate agents have a “brokers” license.  This is your first step but you will have to associate with a company and get two years of experience before you could get your “managing broker’s” license.  Once you have the managing broker license you can work independently or start your own company.  

Can I start the online course right away?  

Yes, as soon as you pay the $599.00 you will get all your login information to start your course.  You will have 6 months to complete the course. After 6 months there will be a charge to extend the course. (Please refer to our policies for the online course on our website).

Can I talk with an instructor if I have questions on the content in the online course:

Yes…you will have access to our instructors for questions, and we have great tech support for any computer or website-related issues you may run into!

Do I get any materials with the online course?

You do not get a textbook with the online course but you are able to print or download and save summaries of the chapters if you want.  The online course does come with a valuable state exam prep course that will help better prepare you for the state exam when you have completed the 90 hours!  You are also able download all of our live class materials located under the Resources tab and Class Materials!

How long do I have to take the online course?  

You will have 6 months to complete the 90 hours then after 6 months you will be charged a fee to extend it another 6 months.  After one year you would have to purchase the course all over again.  **You must complete all the course content in order to get your certificate of completion. This may take you more than 90 hours.

Are you still having live classes?

Yes!  We can have up to 35 people in the classroom and masking is optional at this time. We are taking every precaution in our classroom location at 9247 N. Meridian St. Ste. 215 46260 to protect the health & safety of our students.  If for some reason we are unable to hold our classes in person, they will be offered in Zoom format on the same dates and times.  Please click HERE to see our live class information.

What is the virtual class?

The virtual class is where you will have a live instructor on your home computer or laptop using Zoom.  It is our live class but you will be in the comfort of your home!  Click HERE to see dates and times! 

What is the Virtual/Zoom Hybrid class?

Get the best of both worlds with this hybrid live/zoom class format! This class follows a set schedule of content, provided daily via time-restricted and attendance-tracked Zoom videos, and you are expected to watch the content as outlined on the class calendar. When during the day you watch the video, is pretty much up to you! Each day will also feature a live Zoom session that will be a voluntary open discussion format where you can get your questions answered and receive extra help if needed.

This hybrid format provides the structure of a live class with the fixed daily schedule and content, but with the flexibility of an online class so you can pause for interruptions and not worry about missing the most important 3 minutes. Please note: With that flexibility comes the need for some personal accountability though, and self-discipline to make sure you stay on track. If you think you will have a difficult time holding yourself to the schedule and watching the content every day as scheduled, then this may not be the class for you.

What happens if I don’t pass the class?

There is no way to fail the online/on demand course as it is set up to let you take the tests as many times as you need to in order to hit the required 75% passing score.  For our live and virtual classes you have to average a 75% across the 3 exams in order to get your certificate.  If you don’t get a total of 225 points out of 300 between the three tests (75%), you will have to retake the course for $299.50 (live or virtual).

What happens after the class? Do you help us get affiliated with a company?

Once you pass the 90 hour pre-licensing course, you will get a certificate that will allow you to take the PSI state exam.  You can see information and schedule for this test at  Taking a class with the Tucker School does not affect your ability to associate with us or any other company. We will talk to you during the class about interviewing with companies to find the best brokerage for you.

Am I obligated to work with the F.C. Tucker Company if I take this class?

You are not obligated to join Tucker if you take our class.

Where do I go to schedule the state exam once I’m done with the 90 hour class?

You will go to the PSI website at You will need to set up your account. If you don’t see Real Estate Broker Exam as one of your options to choose for a state exam, you are in the wrong place! Be sure to click on the link above or cut and paste into a chrome browser. There are several PSI sites in the country and some people go to the wrong one. You can also call them at 855-746-8172.

How do I apply for my license once I’m done with the state exam?

Once you join a company, you will go through an “onboarding process” where they should help you with your licensing application to the IPLA.  You can now do an online application for your license and will need to upload your pass forms from PSI and your school certificate. Or you can also mail in your application “Unassigned” until you know what company you are going to work with.  There is a $60 processing fee and they will need your PSI pass forms and school certificate.  If you do send in your paperwork before you affiliate with a company, be aware that this starts your two year time clock for getting your 30 post licensing education.  Most people wait until they join a company to process their license.  

When do I take the 30 Post Licensing Course?

You will have two years from the date your license is issued “Active” to complete the 30 post course. We offer the 30 Post Licensing Course online. Then after that two year time period, you will start taking 12 hours of continuing education every year between July 1 and June 30.

When can I take the 24 hour Managing Broker Course?

You are able to get your managing broker’s license after you have been active and in the business for two years or more. You only need to take the 24 hour Managing Broker Course then send in your certificate with the Managing Broker Application. There is no fee to hold your own license or you can turn in the paperwork with your current broker’s information to stay with your current company. The Managing Broker’s license will allow you to start your own company or be independent on your own. We do NOT currently offer the 24 hour Managing Broker Course.

Do you offer the 24 hour broker education/activation course?

No…we do not offer the activation course.