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Let’s talk success in real estate sales. The kind of success that comes from putting to use the skills and knowledge you’ll acquire from the thorough training offered by the F.C. Tucker Company. If you think that you have what it takes to talk success in real estate sales, we’d love to talk to you. Fill out this form for more information on how you can start your career in real estate.

If you would like to talk to someone about a career in real estate, please reach out to Stephanie Jordan at 317-639-Talk. We’d love to answer your questions.



If you are interested in finding out more, you can try out our Real Estate Simulator. The simulator will allow you to experience a variety of situations and gain valuable feedback by:

  • Playing the role of a Real Estate agent
  • Interacting with virtual clients interested in buying or selling property
  • And seeing how you measure up to the top performers in the industry

Click here to visit the Real Estate simulator.