Live 90 Hour Broker PreLicensing Course

Cost is $599.00 for all classes

Classes are held at 6515 E. 82nd Street (Castleway Dr.) Ste. 115 Indianapolis, In 46250 in Castleton Office Park just East of Castleton Square Mall. Our Administrative office to pick up any books or sign up in person is at 9279 N. Meridian Street open M-F from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

To guarantee a space in the class you must pay online at least one (1) day before the first class date (if room available) or come in to the administrative office at 9279 N. Meridian to pay with check or money order. Please call 317-574-5580 if you have any problems or questions.


Online 24 Hour Managing Broker Course

If you would like to hold your own license and/or start your own company, you must obtain a “Managing Broker’s” license.  The requirements are a) hold a real estate broker license for at least 2 years and b) complete a 24 hour managing broker course.  Once you qualify, you can apply to the Commission (317-234-3009) for the eligibility.

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Online 30 Hour Post License Course

All new licensees have two years from the date of their license being issued to take 30 post hours of education if they are active. This 30-Hour Indiana Broker Post Licensing course covers core topics essential to the development of a real estate broker. Specifically, the course reviews and checks the licensee’s knowledge of critical topics that include: Contracts, listing and purchase agreements, closing transactions, business growth and management, buyer and seller client relationships, negotiation phases and skills, cultural diversity, fair housing, financing, and construction.


Indiana Online Broker State Exam Prep

CompuCram® Real Estate Broker Exam Prep will help you prepare for the licensing examination. CompuCram integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing and comprehensive simulated exams into an “all-in-one” solution. The revolutionary new Readiness Indicator gives continuous feedback as you study – giving you the confidence you need to pass the first time.

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Register For Upcoming Classes

Use our Online Registration to register for upcoming classes.  The cost of the course will be $599 for the 90 Hour Pre-Licensing course.

To guarantee a space in the class you must pay online at least one (1) day before the first class date (if room available) or come in to the administrative office at 9279 N. Meridian to pay with check or money order. Please call 317-574-5580 if you have any problems or questions.


Tucker School of Real Estate

At the Tucker School of Real Estate, we’re teaching success! Hundreds of students attend our pre-licensing classes yearly, making us one of the largest real estate schools in the area!

Why the Tucker School of Real Estate?
Quite simply, we have one of the most comprehensive, approved pre-licensing real estate school curriculum in Indiana. And not only do we have one of the highest passing rates in the state, but we also have highly trained, professional instructors who will prepare you for the state exam.

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become a real estate agent

Become a Real Estate Agent

Steps to becoming a Real Estate Agent

1)      Your very first step is to take the 54 hour per-licensing Salesperson course.

2)      Pass three 100 multiple choice question tests with 225 points or a 75%.

3)      Pass a State Examination with a 75% given by the state testing facility Pearson-Vue (location in Indy is at 91st and Meridian Street and is $65.00 given every day of the week). Click here____ for a candidate handbook regarding taking the state exam__________.

4)      Once you are ready to process your license with a company, you will pay $39.25 to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency to process your paper work and activate your license.  You will have one year to do this or the commission will hold your license inactive until you decide where to place it.

5)      Start interviewing with companies you are interested in.  It’s good to choose companies that are going to put you through some sort of training and be in an office where you have managers who can show you the ropes.

6)      Once you choose a company, you will need to join your board of realtors.  In Indy it is the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors (MIBOR).  With MIBOR you will pay a one time $400.00 application fee and pro-rated membership and technology dues.  The dues are $610.00 a year and technology fees are $450.00 a year.  Depending on the month you join it could be anywhere from $970 to $1,400.  (You will need to find out commission splits and any other fees during your interview with different companies).

7)      Ask what is expected of you.  This will help you determine if you have chosen the right company.


What are some attributes of a Real Estate Salesperson?

1)      Organization skills – Real estate is a business where rewards are in direct proportion to effort.  The more organized and consistent the efforts, the greater the rewards!

2)      Communication Skills – A key element of a sales associates success is the ability to identify, understand and meet a client’s needs.  Communication skills, especially listening skills enable this to happen.

3)      Confidence – Great sales associates know they have the skills necessary to help people realize their real estate goals.

4)      Emotional Stamina – The sales profession requires the ability to overcome resistance and maintain a positive attitude.

5)      Physical Stamina – Listing and selling properties requires hard work and flexible hours.

6)      Relationship Support – Great sales associates are supported by the confidence, trust and understanding of their families.  Their families have a clear knowledge of the demanding nature of a real estate career.

7)      Financial Stability – Savings that will ensure a new associate can live comfortably for the first few months of their career enables the associate to concentrate on real estate and not commission.

8)      Team Player – The real estate sales associate is an independent contractor who interacts on a daily basis with a variety of professionals.  A sales associate is independent but is also an important part of the company team.

9)      Change Manager – Accepting change and adapting quickly is imperative in the fast paced and ever changing world of real estate.

10)  Service Oriented – Great real estate associates realize that service to the client is what guarantees success.


“In most jobs, you are paid what the job is worth.  In real estate, you are paid what you are worth.”

Jerry Wooten/Tucker School of Real Estate